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We are moving. End of this year we are moving to a new webhotell. And also change domain from ORG og NO domain.

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Diary Notes for Mac

Newest release October 2016
English version for macOS

Use your Mac as a diary. Diary Notes are excellent to use as a diary for you on the go. Very fast database enables you to search for text you have stored in your diary in a fraction of a second. You can use your own fonts, font sizes and colors for all the text you store in your diary.

Finally a diary application that supports backup and restore to iCloud Drive. This gives you the ultimate opportunity to take care of your diary. With iCloud Drive you also have the opportunity even to move or copy the database file with the diary to other devices.

Checkout our new homepage at
The program is intended as a comfortable and simple user experience but also offer you the most important thing – to be able to write and use a diary simple. There are many programs on the market, but unfortunately has many other applications a very tricky way to present what to do and how you do it. We hope that the Diary Notes gives you a better and easier experience, when it comes to writing a diary on Mac -The program can also be used as a “pasteboard” or as a cut and paste app to remember notes. Diary Notes offers you a so-useful search function to locate in text that is made in your diary.

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Better Diary for iPhone

Newest release March 2015
ultilanguage version for IOS8


Welcome to the brand new Better Diary

Now you have the opportunity to create your own Diary on your iPhone, with Smooth graphic look.

Better Diary can store images with your daily note in your diary. Better Diary is fast, and can hold many years of information at your fingertip!

Easy take or import images from your Camera Roll to your diary. Easy create or update your daily note with one finger tap!

Optimized for IOS8 and iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s or iPhone 4s. Also works on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
Use it for personal use – or share it !
You can also share your diary, with the share button, if you prefer. You can use your diary like a blog who other people can see. With one fingertap you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or export to AirDrop, AirPrint etc.

Supports your date format !
Better Diary supports your date format used in your country, and will adapt to your date format you have chosen in your iPhone settings for your language.

Download Better Diary on AppStore   Read more & User manual   Get Support
Min Database for Windows

Newest release March 2015 (v2.0)
English version for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Easy to use database/cardfile program in English
Finally, an easy to use database program for Windows. Direct support to create your own graphic page views and its own list views. Beautiful design and extremely user friendly. Gorgeous visual presentation of data you can create by yourself. Print lists, hole records, labels, etc. In a way, Min Database for Windows is an all-in-one solution to database. You have everything you need in Min Database for Windows.

The program is recommended for individuals, small organizations and associations. The program is able to search though 100000 records with extensive search criteria in under 2 seconds on a standard Windows PC. And should therefore be the right program for those people who want to store record information for any reason.

Price - Min Database for Windows (ENGLISH)
Complete full version cost now only $ 19 USD.
License code will be sent by email immediately after you pay with PayPal.
Norwegians apps and programs :
Min Dagbok for iPhone

Nyeste utgave November 2013 (v1.0)
Norsk versjon for IOS7 og nyere



Behagelig å skrive dagbok
Vi kan gledelig informere og presentere for deg att appen Min Dagbok for iPhone er på Apple's App Store.
Appen Min Dagbok for iPhone er en videreutviklet og en fremtidsrettet utgave av det populære pc-programmet «Min Dagbok for Windows». Oversiktlig kalender   Enkel å redigere Muligheter for backup til pc eller mac

Hent Min Dagbok for iPhone på AppStore   Brukerveiledning   Min Dagbok på FaceBook   Brukerstøtte

Min Database for Windows

Nyeste versjon Mars 2015 (v2.0)
Norsk versjon for Windows



Lær deg å bruke database på 1 - 2 - 3
Med Min Database kan du lære deg å forstå og ta i bruk nye databaser svært hurtig. Min Database er rettet til pc-brukere som ikke ønsker kompliserte formler og menyvalg, men til brukere som krever et enkelt men samtidig kraftig hjelpemiddel i hverdagen til å registrere opplysninger. Min Database for Windows kan for mange være en komplett databaseløsning med omfattende registeringsmuligheter, søke/hente kort og fleksible utskrifter. Lag nydelige skjermoppsett   Kraftige utskriftsmuligheter Raske søkerutiner

Pris - Min Database for Windows (NORSK)
Komplett utgave koster nå kun kr. 169,- NOK.
Lisenskode sendes automatisk på epost når betalingen er fullført på PayPal.
Min Dagbok for Windows

Nyeste versjon April 2009 (v1.0)
Norsk versjon for Windows



Velg norsk
Ett solid norsk dagbok program til Windows. Programmet har vært på markedet siden 2009. Programmet tilbyr deg på en sikker måte og med passord beskyttelse tilgang til journalføringer etter dager. Ubegrenset med tekstlengde. Muligens eneste helnorske dagbok program til pc. Programmet tilbyr deg på en veldig enkel måte (i tillegg å selvfølgelig lagre på harddisken) muligheten til å lagre/ta backup av alle opplysningene du har lagret til en minnepinne. Svært brukervennlig   Passord beskyttelse Kopiér hele dagboka fra/til minnepinne

Pris - Min Dagbok for Windows
Komplett utgave koster nå kun kr. 149,- NOK.
Lisenskode sendes automatisk på epost når betalingen er fullført på PayPal.
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